Tamworth Pigs
JI’m on fire
    We believe on-farm slaughter is the most humane method for ending a pigs life.  Our pigs never leave home and live a peaceful life to the end.  We support recent legislation; Law H.749 regarding on farm slaughter.  
CSA Pre-Buy Pasture Pigs
    We sell live pigs and will raise them to the age and size you prefer.  We charge $15 per week to raise your pig.  Typically harvested at 26 weeks a pig on the hoof weigh approximately 300 - 350 pounds and would cost approximately $390.  Costs do not include slaughtering and packaging.  A typical family of 4 will consume a whole pig over a 6 month period.  If you have a smaller family, you may want to find a friend and each order a half pig custom wrapped to your families needs.
    On the farm we utilize three separate three acre paddocks which we rotate throughout the year providing fresh roots and other vegetation to the pigs. In addition to the vegetation, a supplement feed, Morrison Sine Feed produced locally in Barnet Vermont is fed daily.  
    Learning from the methods of Jamón Iberico of Spain and some regions of Portugual, the pigs are rotated to our three acre oak grove for finishing in the fall.  The acorn diet is fatty, causing the pigs to develop deposits of oleic acid, which is actually monounsaturated. When the pigs are slaughtered the oleic acid is expressed in marbling throughout the meat, which adds rich flavor to the meat.
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