Saddleback Mountain Farm is a family owned small farm that houses bountiful gardens as a result of our, tamworth pigs, chickens, permacultural gardening techniques and hard working honey bees.  We have learned to work with the natural layout of the land and the benefits it provides; flowing honey, fruitful gardens, and meat.  The gardens flourish in the fertilizer of the pigs and the pollen of the bees with peas reaching 8 feet tall!
    The Tamworth swine are bred in their natural environment and provide an excellent fertilizer.  Piglets and full grown pigs are available.  It’s easy to see the payoffs of working along with nature, for today and tomorrow.  
    The new and improved design of our chicken coop not only houses chickens safely, but holds up strongly to weather.
    If you are looking for a purchase that will benefit you, the land, and your future Saddleback Mountain Farms has a smart solution.  Self sustainability, and investment in your future.  
Self Sustainability, An Investment in Your Future